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Sativa VS. Indica - What is right for you?

Sativa VS. Indica - What is right for you?

Everyone consumes cannabis products for different reasons. Some are looking for pain relief, other want an energy boost, and some people just want the euphoric feeling at the end of a long day. 

There are different strains, sometimes called chemovars, of cannabis that can help consumers to achieve a desired effect. The main two being sativa and indica. But what is the difference?

basecamp THC edible sativa pink lemonade

Sativa: An Energetic High

Sativa's are known to produce a "head high" or "mind high". This gives the consumer an anxiety reducing feeling, and often offers a boost of energy. sativa's are often used in the daytime due to this effect.

One of the reasons that sativa's offer stimulation rather than sedation is the THC to CBD ratio found in the plant. Sativa's commonly have lower doses of CBD and higher THC, giving the high without the feeling of sedation.

 Highnorth offers many sativa options for our customers looking to have an energy boost. Our High Chews are a popular choice for a well-rounded high, with the Basecamp (Blood Orange, Tropical, Mango, and Pink Lemonade) being a go-to for many of our customers.

high chew watermelon THC edible

basecamp edibles THC sativa indica

Indica: A Relaxing High

Indica's are often used for their relaxing effects, hence it's cheeky nickname "In Da Couch". The intensely relaxing nature of an indica can be helpful for sleep, but is also commonly used for reducing pain and increasing appetite.

The CBD to THC ratio of an indica differs from a sativa. Indica's often have higher levels of CBD without having any less THC. This combination is what produces the relaxing body high, while giving the consumer pain and nausea relief.

Highnorth's has tailored indica products to give our customers the relief they need. Our IndaCouch series of edibles was designed to capitalize on the restful high that is desired from the indica strain. We also have Basecamp (Blueberry, Wild Cherry, & Blue Razz), a popular choice with our frequent guests.

indacouch indica edible THC gummy apple

Hybrid: Something in the Middle

Because indica's and sativa's both offer unique benefits for different types of problems, farmers work to produce new hybrid strains by combining the two strains. These effects can be more targeted by choosing specific parent plants.

Hybrid's have a range of use cases including: reducing anxiety, easing pain symptoms, restoring or boosting appetite, and mood boosting. No single hybrid produces all effects, but the interbreeding can create unique effects that aren't found in any single strain. 

Highnorth's Basecamp series offers hybrid gummies in Watermelon, Strawberry, and Green Apple flavors. 

basecamp THC edible strawberry

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